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Projects form the basis of PPO. All items (Tasks, Issues, Risks, Scope Changes, and so on) relate to a project. The Project entity can be renamed, depending on the requirement. For more details on re-naming entities, see the following knowledge base article

Project View page

The Project View page provides an overview of all project information, including links to the various project related entities.

Administrators can define the entities that should appear on the Project View page as well as to change the sort order of the entities displayed. This is done as a global setting under the Administration menu item by selecting System Configuration.

Copy project

If your user group access allows you to Add a project, you will also have the ability to Copy a project when on the Project View page.  A use case for this could be that you are rolling out a Time & Attendance control system but you have numerous departments or locations and therefore need numerous projects. Using the copy functionality you simply click on Copy in the Actions menu and PPO will open an Add page with all the data already copied over.  All you need to do is change the Department / Location field and Submit.

The Copy functionality is available for All project and non-project-related entities.

Project dashboards

The Project View page also provides links to two dashboards. The Project Status Dashboard and the Executive Dashboard.

The Project Status Dashboard provides an overview of the entire project:

 The Executive Dashboard provides a summerised, more graphic view the project for an executive audience. 

For more information on these and other Dashboards, access the following knowledge base article.

Download documents

When clicking on the "Other" Actions dropdown, you have the ability to download all documents related to the project.

Admin projects

PPO allows users to load administrative / ongoing projects in addition to real, full-blown projects. These admin projects can be identified as projects where the admin field is TRUE and the priority for the project has been set to the default admin priority (for more information, access the following knowledge base article).


Filters can be set up to exclude admin projects from reporting.


For more information on setting up filters, access the following knowledge base article

Calculated planned progress percentage and actual progress percentage

PPO can calculate the Planned Progress Percentage and Actual Progress Percentage of your project. These calculations provide an accurate, calculated view of the advancement of your project, without relying on the project manager to import their schedule on a regular basis.


For more information on setting this up, access the following FAQ.


PPO's project entity can also be set up to manage programmes. By assigning projects to a programme, reports and dashboards can be viewed on a portfolio, programme or project level.

For more information on setting up programme projects, access the following knowledge base article.

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