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The Home Page is the first page a user sees when they log into PPO.  The home page was designed to focus the user's attention on their specific items.  The great thing about the home page is that it is customisable to suit a users' needs.

The default home pages includes 2 tabs. These can be seen under the Home page title bar.  

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Before jumping in, lets get the terminology out of the way!

  • Tabs: The home page supports multiple tabs which are individual views that can be customised based on specific user groups or unique user preferences.  There are 2 default tabs that are applied for a user. 
  • WidgetWidgets allows users to visualise their data. Example of widgets include the Bar Chart, Key Metric, Donut, Treemap, Gantt, Board, Calendar, My Links etc.

Dashboard Tab

Depending on which user group you belong to, you will have a default Dashboard Tab that comprises of various widgets.  Below is an example of a default Project Managers tab.  

The first panel is the My Links widget that allows the flexibility of creating your own links on your Home Page for easy access. The next 2 panels have a number of Key Metrics that have been filtered to show data related to "My Projects".

The next section comprises of multiple widgets focusing on projects and cost related data. 2024-03-11 09 10 14.png

You then have 2 list widgets side by side.  The Risk list is filtered to only show risks with a RED RAG as well as High Priority Issues for your Projects.

2024-03-11 09 14 52.png

You will see a Gantt view showing where you have been allocated to projects in the Resource Allocation entity.

2024-03-11 10 38 23.png

Health Indicators and Comments can be updated directly from the home page to support Data Quality compliance.  These 2 list widgets have been added side by side and only shows Health Indicators and Comments related to your projects that are due for an update.

2024-03-11 10 40 55.png

Home Tab

The Home Tab is comprised of various widgets.  The first widget shows a Calendar Widget on the left-hand side and a My List Widget on the right-hand side. 

The Calendar Widget gives you the ability to add and display events from entity items, based on certain criteria. The Calendar shows the related data as a weekly or monthly view.  The Calendar shown on your Home Tab is set based on the defaults configured under Widget Configuration.

2024-03-18 13 03 58.png

For Calendars, you can add multiple calendars on any tab that you create and the only defaults that will show is public holidays.  You can then set your own defaults for the additional calendars.

The My List Widget allows the flexibility of creating your own lists on your Home Page.  The functionality allows users to create a list and add any entity item to the list.  You can only use the My List widget on one of your tabs, not multiple.

2024-03-11 10 43 16.png

Below the Calendar and My List is the My Approvals list widget. On the entity title bars (blue bars) you will see 4 icons.  The 1st is the Filter icon that allows you to update or hide the filter control. The 2nd icon is the Refresh icon which allows you to refresh the selected data. The 3rd icon is the Settings icon (gear) that allows you to customise the view of the section and lastly, the Show / Hide icon that lets you expand/collapse the entity sections.

2024-03-11 10 46 30.png

If you would like to refresh data on a specific section like the projects section without having to refresh the entire page, click on the Refresh icon.

2024-03-18 13 47 24.png

For each of these lists you can apply filters. Examples highlighted below for Projects, Issues and Risks.  When selecting Items related to me the list will bring back all items where you are selected in a Resource list field (i.e. Project Sponsor, Project Owner, Project Manager, Loaded By, Issue Owner etc).

2024-03-11 10 53 10.png

For Tasks and Benefits below, you can see the the 2 list widgets are collapsed using the Show/Hide icons on the right-hand side.

2024-03-11 10 55 34.pngYou have the ability to add documents via the home page. To do this you can either drag and drop single or multiple documents or use the "Click here" option to add a single document.  Users can delete their own unclassified documents via the home page regardless if their user group has access to delete documents.

2024-03-11 14 39 25.png

Once you have added documents in the Upload document box, they will appear under the Unclassified documents section:

2024-03-11 14 45 10.png

You can select the above documents to allocate them to the correct projects.

Additional information

  • To customise an existing home page or to create a new tab, follow this link.
  • The My List Widget can only be used on one tab.
  • The My Approvals widget can only be used on one tab and is used to approve items.  The Approvals List can however be included in multiple tabs, but cannot be used to Approve.
  • The My Calendar widget on your Dashboard Tab can only be used once and uses the settings as set up via the Widget Configuration page.  The Calendar widget however can be used multiple times on a tab or various tabs.
  • The My Links widget uses the default set under the Widget Configuration page.  The My List widget can only be used once.  The Links widget however can be used multiple times on a tab or various tabs.
  • You have the ability to Copy Home Pages.  For PPO Administrators, follow this link to set defaults for User Groups. For Users who want to customise their own home page further by coping an existing page, follow this link.
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