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Accessing List Pages

After logging into PPO, the home page is the first page that you always see. The list pages in PPO are very similar, in that every time you click on the programme, project or employee menu items, you are taken to a list page first for the selected entity.


When you hover over the Projects Menu, a sub menu will open listing all the project related entities a user has access to. Each of the options in this menu will allow you to access the list page for the respective project related entity.


Filter Control

Once a list page is accessed, you will see the filter control right at the top of the page. The purpose of the filter control is to allow you to filter the information displayed on the list page. This is done by clicking in the filter control  which will then list all the fields available to filter on.


For more information on the Filter Control follow this knowledge base article.

Searching for closed / filtered out items

In some instances users might want to search for closed items or filtered out items, for example closed risks. This can easily be done by disabling the global filter on the list page. The global filter is displayed by the grey/white toggle button located on the right of the list page under the filter control.


Once the global filter is disabled, the toggle button will turn white and all the items previously filtered out by the applicable global filter (in this example below the "Only Open Risks" global filter) will appear on the list page.


Searching for items on archived projects

It is important to note that once a project has been completed, closed and archived it will be filtered out of view by the project global filter. This will also result in all items related to the project being filtered from view by the overarching project global filter.

These items can however still be easily accessed by disabling the project global filter on the Project List page. Once the project global filter is disabled you will be able to access the linked items from their respective list pages as illustrated above.


Please note that when a global filter is disabled on a list page, it will also be disabled on the report and dashboard criteria pages in PPO.  For more information on filters, access the following knowledge base article 


The columns that appear on the list pages by default are defined by the PPO Administrator from the  Data Fields functionality (for more information, access the following knowledge base article).

Users can however override this setting for their own user account, by defining which columns they would like to see on the list page. This can be done by clicking on the gear icon located to the top right hand corner of the page (next to the global filter toggle) to show / hide list columns.


The user can select the columns they want to see on the list, by either selecting or deselecting the field checkbox, and then click on the apply changes button. In the example below the "Contact Person" column will be added on the list page.



When a list page exceeds the number of list items set in the user's preferences, the list page will group the items together in pages (for more information on user preferences, see the following knowledge base article). The different pages can be accessed from links on the list page.

The first page shows that items 1 - 100 of 466 are being shown.


When page two is accessed from the link, the page will indicate that items 101 - 200 of 466 are being shown.


Moving multiple records

To move multiple risks from one project to another, select the records you want to move and click on the Action Menu and then select Move.

A window will pop up allowing you to select the project to which you want to move the items. Select the project and click on submit.


Editing multiple records

To edit multiple records, select the records you want to move and click on the Action Menu then select Edit.


The selected records will be opened in the multiple edit mode where you will be able to make the desired changes on all records.


Once all changes have been applied simply click the Submit button at the bottom of the page. For more information the multiple edit functionality see the following  .

Deleting multiple records

To delete multiple records, select the records you want to delete, click on the Actions Menu  and then select Delete.


A message will appear for you to confirm that you would like to the delete the selected records. Complete the action by clicking on the OK button. 


For more information relating to multiple delete, see the following article.

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