Health Indicators

Health indicators are used to show the status / health of specific areas within the project. 

Project managers must consider various perspectives when reporting on a project, these include perspectives like Scope, Progress, Risks, Costs, Benefits, etc.  The entity also allows for capturing Guidelines for the health indicator. This field is used to provide a description of what is required for the success of the area the health indicator refers to and how the RAG status should be measured.

This article covers:

Standard Configuration

The following fields appear on the Health Indicators entity by default:


Calculated fields

The Health Indicators entity includes a calculated field that shows what the previous RAG indicator was. For example, if a health indicator RAG field changes from Green to Amber, the amber indicator will appear on the "RAG Indicator" field and the green indicator will appear on the "Previous RAG" field. This allows users to see how the health indicator has changed during the last update and provides an indication of whether the situation is improving or deteriorating


Default set of health indicators

A default set of health indicators are automatically added to each new project that's registered on PPO. The default set is defined on a Template Project.  For more information and how to change the indicators that are created, please refer to this FAQ. 

Project health

The health indicators can be used to calculate the project's health. The Project Health field is a RAG indicator field on the Projects entity.

The calculation for project health is:

RED: If any of the health indicators on the project is RED or GREY.

AMBER: If any of the health indicators on the project is AMBER, but there are no RED or GREY indicators.

GREEN: If there are only GREEN health indicators on the project.



Health indicators on Dashboards

Health indicators are used extensively on Dashboards in PPO.

Examples include:

Project Status Dashboard 

Portfolio Dashboard

Portfolio Health Dashboard


For more information on these and other Dashboards, see the following knowledge base article.

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