Portfolio Dashboards

This article provides detailed explanations of the portfolio dashboards available in PPO:

Portfolio Dashboard


The Portfolio Dashboard shows a project filter combo and group by parameters. These parameters are used to produce a number of sections and graphs.

Note: some of the sections on the Portfolio Dashboard only show the top ten (10) projects based on the project priority. Thus, considering the example below, projects with priority zero (0) to nine (9) will show on the dashboard.


The sections where this rule is applied is clearly marked on the dashboard. However, all the graphs on the Portfolio Dashboard can be opened to show all projects in the portfolio, by clicking on the View All link.

  • Health Indicators and Portfolio Health

The Health Indicators graph shows the number of health indicators, with their respective RAG indicator colours per health indicator title, whereas the Portfolio Health section shows a pie chart based on the number of health indicators of each RAG indicator colour.

  • Portfolio Health (Top ten projects based on priority)

The Portfolio Health bubble graph shows the projects plotted on the graph by priority and actual progress percentage. The colour of each bubble indicates the project health (as shown by the Project Health field on the Projects entity) and the size of the bubble indicates the sum of the budget for the project.

  • Portfolio Timeline (Top ten projects based on priority)

The Portfolio Timeline graph shows the planned timeline of the project as it spans over the previous month and the next six months. The graph also shows a green line to indicate today's date on the timeline.

  • Progress (Top ten projects based on priority) and Quick Project Indicator (Top ten projects based on priority)

The Progress graph shows the percentage by which the actual progress percentage is more, less or aligned with the planned progress percentage for each project.

The Quick Project Indicator graph shows the actual progress percentage in relation to the percentage of budget that has been spent. If a larger percentage of the budget has been spent than the percentage actual progress that has been made, the percentage difference will appear in red. If a smaller percentage of the budget has been spent than the percentage actual progress that has been made, the percentage difference will show in green.

  • Number of Projects by Group By and Total Budget by Group By

The two pie graphs at the bottom of the dashboard show the number of projects by the selected group by field and the total budget by the selected group by field, respectively.

Portfolio Health


The Portfolio Health Dashboard shows a project filter and a group by parameter.

The dashboard shows basic project information, such as the portfolio / type, status, phase, project namepriority, project manager, project health and then also shows the RAG indicator field for each health indicator on each project.

Lastly, the dashboard show the Governance RAG which is calculated by taking specified project documents and the statuses of these documents into account. For more information on how the Governance RAG is calculated, see the following FAQ.

Portfolio View


The Portfolio View Dashboard shows a project filter parameter and a sort by parameter.

The Portfolio View provides a summary of project information, health, progress and cost information for each project in the selected range.

By clicking on the project name, the user can drill down to the Project Manager Dashboard for the project.

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