Scope Changes

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Scope Changes

Whenever a situation arises where the project scope, costs and/or time-line will be affected, a scope change needs to be raised in order to amend the project baseline.

PPO allows for recording scope changes in a Scope Change entity. The Scope Change entity can be renamed, depending on the requirement. For more details on re-naming entities, access the following knowledge base article.

The default Scope Change entity shows the following fields.


The entity allows users to:

1. Add a title and description for the scope change, placing the scope change in context.
2. The Reason for Change field indicates why the scope change was logged.
3. The Scope Change entity also allows for capturing a loaded by and requested by person, respectively, as well as the date on which it was requested.
4. In terms of the impact a scope change will have on the project, users can capture the impact on cost, time and / or scope of the project.
5. The scope change can also be sent for approval using the Individual Scope Change Report (for more information, see the related section later in this article).If approved by all the relevant parties, the scope change can be shown as Approved or Declined in the Approval Status field, also indicating the approval date.
6. Lastly, the user can indicate whether the scope change has been implemented on the project, using the Implemented field.

Scope Change Approvals

Scope changes can be sent for approval by setting up the approval functionality in PPO. By setting up the approvals functionality, an approval record can be created in PPO and sent for approval to the relevant parties. When approved, this can automatically update the approval information.

For more details on setting up approval events, access the following knowledge base article.

Scope Change Reports

Individual Scope Change report

If written approval of scope changes are required, the Individual Scope Change Report can be used.


This report shows all the information on the scope change and allows space for signatures by stakeholders.


The signed report can then be scanned, uploaded to PPO as a document and linked to the applicable scope change on PPO. For more information on this and other reports, access the following knowledge base article.

Project Manager Dashboard

The scope change entity also appears on the Project Manager Dashboard. This allows users to see how the scope, time or cost of the project has changed since the project started.

For more information on this and other Dashboards, access the following knowledge base article.

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