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Each instance of PPO has nine custom entities available in addition to the standard PPO entities provided. These entities are very similar to the standard entities in terms of the functionality that they offer and can be used for capturing any additional project-related information that may be required.

Pre-configured entities

PPO offers a list of pre-configured custom entities that allow you to instantly start using the required entity without having to configure the entity from scratch. The pre-configured custom entities also include a custom report that is deployed along with the entity.

Examples of pre-configured custom entities available are:

Setting up custom entities

Custom entities are available in the form of unused entities from the PPO front end. Refer to this article on how to enable a custom entity and rename it.

The entity must then be configured by setting up the appropriate fields and made available to the applicable user groups. For more information on user groups, access the following knowledge base article

Additional Considerations

The following considerations should be kept in mind:

  • Only detail reports are available for blank custom entities. However, all pre-configured custom entities are deployed with a custom report.
  • Only project-related entities are supported (i.e. each item must be associated with a project).
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