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How to Access Support

PPO provides a comprehensive support portal that offers guides such as a full Knowledge Base of all PPO functionality and a Frequently Asked Questions portal. Users can also log ideas and submit requests from this portal, while having full visibility of their existing requests (tickets) as well as previous requests.

The Support Portal can be accessed by clicking on the Support item on the Main Menu.  


Once you click on the Support item the following screen will pop-up:


Support Portal Home page


Selecting the first icon (Support Portal) will take you to the full PPO Support Portal:


New or interested users can access extensive information on all PPO Functionality in the Frequently Asked Questions and the Knowledge Base. The Community section hosts the current ideas that have been logged by end users and users are also encouraged to log their ideas on additional functionality they would like to see in PPO.

The support portal home page also displays the up-time status of the PPO application as well as a quick link to the PPO blog. The Resources section hosts a variety of useful documentation as well as links to product videos. New or interested users can also request their own evaluation instance of PPO, via the “Click Click” link at the bottom of the page.


In the top right-hand corner logged in users will be able to see “My Activities” which will show them a list of all their support calls, ideas, and comments they have done to date. Users will also be able to submit a support ticket by selecting Submit a request” if additional help is required.


Frequently Asked Questions


Once you have clicked on the Frequently Asked Questions you will notice that they have been divided into various categories. Click on any specific FAQ to view the information or search for a specific FAQ by using the “Search” option at the top of the page. 


Each FAQ can also be rated, in terms of whether the content covered was helpful or not. The “thumbs-up or thumbs-down” options can be used to indicate your preference.

Knowledge Base


Similar to the Frequently Asked Questions, the Knowledge Base covers all the PPO functionality available in as much detail as possible. When accessing the Knowledge Base you will notice that it has also been divided into various categories. Click on any knowledge base article to view all the relevant information, or use the “Search” option at the top of the page to search for specific content. 


Live Chat


The Live Chat option allows you to chat directly with a Support Consultant.  

  • Live chat is available from within PPO by clicking on the above button OR when navigating to the Support Portal; as well as from the PPO website
  • All education-related queries can be addressed via live chat but if there are more complex issues or if you need the support consultant to make configuration changes, the chat will be converted to a support ticket.
  • Chat is available during working hours (08h00 - 17h00 GMT+02h00) Monday to Friday.
  • A message can however be left after hours which will be addressed during working hours by means of a support ticket.

When selecting the Live Chat option from within PPO, a chat pop-up will appear which auto-populates your name and email address.  You simply type in your query and click on Start Chat.


To end a chat, select the Options button and click on End chat.


If you see this, we are offline and will get back to you in working hours via a support ticket:


Submit a Request


The Submit a Request option, allows you to log your requests and concerns for the attention of the PPO Support Team.


This section allows for a title, description and a document to be uploaded. Once you are happy with the information, click on the Submit button.


For more information related to the support ticket process, follow this link.

View My Activities


The My Activities option allows you to view your Requests, which are support calls you have logged. You are able to click through to the particular request and quickly view the status of your request.

When viewing your requests, you will be able to filter on open, awaiting reply and solved requests. You are also able to see all the requests which you were CC’ed on. 

The Contributions sections will mostly be empty, as this will show articles you have added to the PPO Support portal. Then lastly, the following section shows you a list of all the articles, FAQ’s and ideas that you are currently following on the support portal. 




The Community section allows you to view current ideas that are being considered by the PPO product management team for future releases. The ideas have also been divided into different categories and once you have clicked on a certain category all the ideas linked to that category will display.


You can also vote for your favourite idea by clicking on the arrows on the left-hand side of the page. Please note that the "UP" arrow will add a vote to the idea, and the "DOWN" arrow will down vote the idea.


To suggest a new idea of your own, click on the "New Post" button.


Enter the title, description and add the idea in the specific category. Once you have entered all the required information for the idea, click on the Submit button. Your idea will then be logged. A notification will be sent to the product management team, who will review the idea and provide feedback.

You also have the option to “Follow” the idea, which means, that as soon as the idea is updated or feedback is provided, you will receive a notification. You can follow any ideas and not only your own.

What's New?


The Product News section of the blog is available from the What‘s New item.

The articles cover enhancements (new features and functionality) as well as bug fixes. Users will also be directed to articles in the Support Portal for detailed information and step-by-step guides on how to use the new functionality.



The blog is divided into various categories, from company news, product news, and much more. If you are not yet subscribed to our blog feel free to do so, to make sure you never miss out on any important information in the future.



The Search option allows users to quickly search through all the FAQ's, Knowledge Base articles and ideas, by entering the search criteria in the “Search” box and pressing the enter key.


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