Project Reports

This article provides an overview of the Project Reports available on PPO that will help you to understand how your projects are being utilised. The reports are:

Project Reports

This article provides detailed explanations of the Project Reports available on PPO.

For more information on accessing reports and report options such as different views and parameters, see the following knowledge base article.

Alert and Reminder Report

The Alert and Reminder Report is one of the most used reports on PPO. The report shows a project filter combo parameter and an resource filter combo parameter.

The report is broken up into three sections: a section for Tasks, a section for Issues and a section for Risks. Each section shows items that are overdue (where the due date or follow-up date has been reached but the item is not complete).

This report can be automated. This means that it can be sent on a regular basis to resources that have items assigned to them that are overdue. Each resource will only receive their own items on the report.

The report can also be expanded to show additional entities such as Actions.

Data Completeness Report

The Data Completeness Report is used extensively during the implementation of PPO at a client in order to measure the data take-on process. The report does a count for the number of records per entity and provides an indicator for each entity to show whether any records have been captured on that entity.

A data completeness score is calculated by awarding one point for each entity that scores a Green indicator. The points for all the entities with Green indicators are added up and divided by the total number of entities, for example, if three entities score a Green indicator and there are nine entities, three will be divided by nine and shown as a percentage (33.33%).  If no records exist the Indicator for the entity will be Red.  This provides an overview of how data is being captured in the different project areas during implementation.

Health Indicators Updated will show RED if any of the health indicators on the project have not been updated within 7 days.  It will show GREEN if All the health indicators have been updated within the 7 days.  If no health indicators exists on a project the indicator will show as GREYThe same rule applies to Comments Updated.

The report shows a project filter parameter and a group by parameter. The following columns are shown on the report: project name, project manager, status, phase, score, a RAG indicator for each entity as well as Comments Updated & Health Indicators Updated

Portfolio Governance Report

The Portfolio Governance Report provides the client with an overall view of their portfolio’s alignment to Governance. The report shows very basic project information, as well as the overall Governance RAG and the Gate Ready RAG, for the selected projects.

For more detailed information on the calculation of the overall Governance RAG and the Gate Ready RAG, access the Project Governance Report.  

By clicking on a project, users can drill-through to the Project Governance Report, for the selected project.  For more information on configuring Governance in PPO, access the following article.


Portfolio Governance Landscape Report

The Portfolio Governance Landscape Report shows a pivoted view of all projects, their required documents as well as the status of the governance requirements. Below is a summary of the relevant statuses:

  • Approved - If the document is added to the project and the status is Approved.
  • Not Approved - If the document is added but not in Approved status.
  • No Document - If no document with that type exists.
  • Required - If a document is marked as required and must be added to the project.
  • Not required - If flexible governance was used to mark a record as not required.


Portfolio Quality Report

The Portfolio Quality Report is designed to show how frequently users are updating information (specifically the Health Indicators and Comments) in PPO. The rules for how frequently the Health Indicators and Comments have to be updated can be defined by the project office. If all Heath Indicators and Comments are not updated within the defined period, the Data Quality indicator will turn RED.

The Portfolio Quality Report shows a project filter parameter and a group by parameter. The report shows the project codenamestatusstageproject managerproject health and data quality. In addition a Overall score can be seen which is calculated by awarding one point for each Data Quality that has a Green indicator, this is then divided by the amount of projects.

For more information on setting up data quality in PPO, see the following FAQ.

Progress Portfolio Report

The Progress Portfolio Report gives a summarised view of the overall progress of each project. The report shows a project filter parameter and shows the project name, status, priority, portfolio /type, projectproject healthplanned start dateplanned end dateactual start daterequired end date, overall planned progress percentage, overall actual progress percentage and the variance between actual and planned progress percentage.


Project Quality Report

The Project Quality Report shows the details of the project data quality RAG indicator. The report shows only a project list parameter, but can also be accessed from the Portfolio Quality Report. The report shows the project codenamestatusphaseproject managerproject health and data quality. The report also shows a list of the performance checks the project has to align to for data quality (by default, the frequent update of Health Indicators and Comments are the only performance checks). 

For more information on data quality, see the section on the Portfolio Quality Report, earlier in this article.


Project Charter

The Project Charter is designed to show a statement of the scopeobjectives and stakeholders of a project. The report therefore shows only a project list parameter and shows all the project information. The report also shows an approvals section where the project sponsorproject owner and project manager can sign off the project charter.


Project Closure Report

The Project Closure Report serves as a sign-off document for the closure of a project. The report shows only a project list parameter. The report has several sections: the first shows basic project information and stakeholders.

The second shows all completed (and outstanding) milestones, a summary of the project's costs, the project's scope changesbenefits and lessons. The report also shows any outstanding Risks and Issues and an Approvals section where the project sponsorproject owner and project manager can sign off the closure of the project.


Project Detail Report

The Project Detail Report shows a project filter combo parameter and the report is an extract of all project information on PPO. It includes all the fields on the Projects entity for all projects.mceclip14.png

Project Governance Report

The Project Governance Report, as the name suggests, is intended to allow you to see how well a particular project aligns to defined governance rules in term of the documents that are required for each phase of a project as it progresses through its lifecycle.

For further information on how to set-up or customize these rules to suit your requirements, access the following FAQ.

The Project Governance report is split into two sections. The first section shows some basic project information and displays the Governance RAG as well as the Gate Ready RAG, which will be explained in more detail below.


The second section of the report defines all the required documents for each phase of the project.  As the documents are uploaded and approved, the RAG indicators are updated to show whether the required documents for the phase have been uploaded and approved. The RAG indicator for each document is calculated based on the following:

If the specified document is uploaded and approved, the indicator will show GREEN

If the specified document is uploaded but NOT approved, the indicator will show AMBER

If the specified document is NOT uploaded at all, the indicator will show RED; and

If the specified document is NOT yet required, based on the project phase, the indicator will show GREY.  In the example above, the project is currently in the Executing phase, and therefore the indicators for the Benefit tracking phase will be GREY.

The overall Governance RAG is then calculated, by looking at the individual RAG indicators for all phases prior to the current phase.  In the above example the overall Governance RAG indicator is GREEN, as all the requirements for the Initiating and Planning phases have been met. The RED indicator for the Executing phase is however not taken into account since this is the current phase.

The overall Gate Ready RAG indicator is similar to the Governance RAG except that it also takes into account the current phase. It therefore shows whether the project is ready to move to the next phase. In the above example, the Gate Read RAG is RED, since the project is in the “Executing” phase and the required documentation for this phase, have not yet been uploaded and approved. 

Project History Report

The project history report provides a combination of current as well as historical information for the selected projects. It is therefore ideal to be able to see for example how the overall project health has changed over time (as in the example below) or to see how a project has progressed through the various project phases.

If this report is not available on your instance, or you would like a change to meet your particular requirement, please log a support call.


 Project Management Plan

The Project Management Plan shows information vital to the execution of a project. The report shows only a project list parameter and shows all project information as well as all Tasks on the project. The report also shows the project Costmajor Risks and project Benefits

The report also shows an approvals section where the project sponsorproject owner and project manager can sign off the Project Management Plan.

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