How can I import resources from MSP directly into PPO?

PPO’s Resources entity maintains a pool of resources that is used by PPO users to allocate Issues, Risks, Tasks, and other related items. When Microsoft Project (MSP) is used for project planning and the project plan is then imported into PPO, resources recorded in MSP are not automatically imported into PPO as MSP has its own resource pool. However, if PPO’s MSP Add-In is used to synchronise the resources in MSP with the resources in PPO and the resources field is mapped in PPO's System Configuration, then resources can be imported automatically with the user's project plan,  using the Import Tasks Wizard.

This FAQ explains the following:

  • Phase 1 - Synchronise the MSP resources with PPO's resource list;
  • Phase 2 - Confirm mapping under System Configuration;
  • Phase 3 - Complete Planning in MSP and importing into PPO.

Phase 1 – Synchronise the MSP resources with PPO's resource list

The process of synchronising MSP resources with PPO resources is automated and only requires PPO's MSP Add-In. For more details on where to download the Add-In, see the following FAQ. For full details on how to use the MSP Add-In to synchronise resources, see this FAQ 

Phase 2 – Confirm mapping under System Configuration
Step 1 – Hover over Administration and select System Configuration:

Ensure that the Responsibility field is mapped as follows: Responsibility=taskresourcephonetics. 


Step 2 – When running the Import Tasks Wizard the PPO Responsibility field will show the above mapping. 


Phase 3 – Complete Planning in MSP and Importing into PPO
Step 1
– When resources are now selected within MSP their resource key is automatically selected when selecting their resource name.


Note: Remember that PPO maps the resources into the responsibility field so each task can only have one responsible person. If multiple resources are mapped to a single task PPO will only import the first person as the responsible person.

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