What process is followed when a user logs a support call?

The PPO Support Team follows a predefined process when a support call is logged.

Herewith a summary of the process and roles involved.  A graphic representation of the support process is also included in this article. 

Support Call Process 

  • When a support call is logged, the requester will receive a confirmation email 
  • The new ticket is then screened and allocated to a Support Consultant
  • The request will be classified as a 1st / 2nd or 3rd Line support ticket
  • Depending on the classification of the ticket it will either be Billable (2nd line) or Non-Billable (1st line)
  • If it is a billable request, a quotation will be sent to the client for acceptance before proceeding with the requested work
  • If it is a non-billable request, the Support Consultant will address the ticket and update the client
  • The ticket will then be Solved

 Definitions of 1st, 2nd & 3rd Line Tickets

     1st Line Support

    • 1st Line Support is something that can be addressed by current documentation (such as Frequently Asked Questions and the Knowledge Base articles)
    • The Support Consultant will educate the user and provide links to these articles
    • No system changes are done by the Support Team
    • 1st Line Support is not billable
    • Resolution Times - 16 business hours

2nd Line Support

    • 2nd Line Support is when a consultant is requested to make configuration changes to the clients’ instance.   This could include configuration of data fields, implementing calculations, Business Rules, making changes to Reports / Dashboards
    • 2nd Line Calls are mostly done via the front end of PPO
    • 2nd Line Calls are billable and will be quoted on a case-by-case basis
    • Resolution Times - 40 business hours (depends on complexity)

3rd Line Support

    • 3rd Line Support is requested from our technical team for more complex requests
    • Examples of this would be complex calculations that need to be changed to functions to ensure performance is not impacted / report building that cannot be undertaken by 2nd line / review of custom report configurations
    • Mainly changes that cannot be made via the front end of PPO
    • 3rd Line Calls are billable and will be quoted on a case-by-case basis
    • Bugs / Incidents are also classified as 3rd line but are never billable

If the call relates to a bug, the support consultant replicates the bug experienced and forwards the steps taken to the 3rd line technical team.  Critical bug fixes will be done asap.  If it is a cosmetic or non-critical bug it will be fixed in the next release.

See below the graphical representation of the Support Ticket Process.

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