What is PPO suspension and how does it work?

PPO usage is invoiced to all clients on the last day of each month for usage in the current month. As per the standard PPO terms and conditions all payment terms are 30 days and thus January's usage is invoiced on the 31st of January and payment is due the end of February.  Invoices will be mailed on the 1st working day of the next month.

If invoices are not paid within 60 days (i.e. 30 days after the due date) the client’s PPO instance will be suspended. A suspended instance still exists on the PPO servers but no user (not even the PPO Support team) is able to access the instance. The PPO team makes every effort to remind and communicate to clients before suspension but suspension is an automated process 30 days following the payment due date.

If, during the next 30 days, the client pays their outstanding balance in full the instance is unsuspended and the client will once again have full access to their instance. Failure to pay their outstanding balance will result in the instance being terminated and all documents and data will be deleted. There will be no means for either the client or the PPO Support team to extract or retrieve any documents, data or configuration once the instance has been deleted.

It’s important to note that any outstanding invoices can trigger suspension and termination, irrespective if later invoices are being paid. Once again, The PPO team makes every effort to remind and communicate to clients before termination but termination is an automated process 60 days following the payment due date.

Clients must ensure that they use their invoice number as reference on all payments made to ensure the payments are attributed to the correct invoices. PPO will not be held liable for unallocated payments where the payment was not accompanied by the correct reference or remittance advice. All remittance advices must be sent to

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