I want to add more users to PPO but when I add a new user an error message says "You have reached the maximum number of users allowed by your license."

Each instance of PPO has a license key which allows for the number of subscriptions to be managed. The error message below indicates that the number of active users on PPO is currently the same as the license key/subscription and thus the new user account cannot be added.


To resolve this issue there are two possible solutions:

  1. Increase your PPO subscriptions as defined in this article.
  2. Under the Administration menu, select Users. You can select one of the Active users and mark one as Inactive (click on the user record and untick the Active flag).   The number of Active users will thus be one less than the license key/subscription and the new user can now be added.

Important:  You must ensure that you first check usage before making any user inactive on PPO. Here is a link to the available usage reports.


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