How Do I Setup Multi-Currency On My Instance?

PPO supports the use of multiple currencies for organisations that operate in multiple countries and requires each country to capture their cost information in their local currency, but still requires consolidated reporting on a global level.

Implement an exchange rate entity

An exchange rate entity needs to be configured by the PPO Administrator.  It is important to note that a non project related entity should be used for this.  For more information on enabling a non project related entity, follow this link.  The below fields need to be configured:

  • Base currency
  • Target currency
  • Exchange rate
  • Effective date

Follow this link for more information on data fields.  Once configured, the entity should look like this:


Identify the affected reports

All the reports on the instance need to be reviewed to identify whether a conversion is required or not. This would specifically be reports that include cost information and that are required at a global / consolidated level. A list of the affected reports will have to be drawn up to send to the support team.

Log a call with the PPO Support Team

Log a support call, asking for multi-currency to be implemented on the affected reports and dashboards.  You also need to supply a spreadsheet containing the exchanges rates for the various currencies.

Please note that the time spent by the Support Team to implement this functionality is billable and will be quoted prior to commencing.

Once implemented, an additional parameter will appear on all affected reports and dashboards, asking the user to select the currency that needs to be displayed:


The conversion will be done based on the Effective date specified in the applicable Exchange Rate entity.

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