Can I customise the Home Page?

Yes, you can customise the home page.

The default home pages can be seen as tabs under the Home page title bar.  You will also notice an Edit action button that will allow you to either edit your existing tabs or to add new tabs if required.

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Before jumping in, lets get the terminology out of the way!

  • Canvas:   The Canvas is the starting point from which you customise your tab. When a new tab is introduced, you have a blank canvas to work with.
  • Tabs: The home page supports multiple tabs which are individual views that can be customised based on specific user groups or unique user preferences.  There are 2 default tabs that are applied for a user. 
  • Panel:  To customise your canvas you need to add a panel. Within a panel you can add various widgets.  When adding widgets into a panel, you have the ability to either drag & drop the whole panel to another area OR you can drag and drop widgets within a panel.
  • WidgetWidgets allows users to visualise their data. Example of widgets include the Bar Chart, Key Metric, Donut, Treemap, Gantt, Board, Calendar etc.
  • Orientation:  We allow you to either select Horizontal (widgets next to each other) or Vertical orientation (widgets below each other) within the panels.
  • Sizing:  For the widgets, the sizing options are a quarter, half, three quarter or full width of the panel on the Canvas.

Copying a home page

You can use the Copy tab icon if you would like a to make a copy of an existing home page. Using the copy feature, ensures that all filtering and settings are inherited from the tab you are copying from. To copy a home page, select the Edit icon.

Once in Edit mode, you will notice the Copy tab icon:

Click the copy tab icon of the page you want to duplicate, then you will notice a Paste tab icon:

By clicking on the Paste tab icon, it duplicates the dashboard as shown below:

  • The duplicate tab will have the same name as the one copied from, so you just need to rename it while in edit mode.
  • You can then change filtering and settings on the new tab and click on Save.

Adding a new tab

To create a new tab, click on the Edit icon as shown on the below screenshot:

Once you have clicked on Edit, select the "+" icon to add a new tab.

Once you have clicked on Add, you can give you new tab a name by editing the New Tab wording in edit mode.

Below, we have renamed the tab to Performance Metrics:

Inserting panels & widgets

The next step is to Add a Panel.  The panel will allow you to add various widgets based on your needs.

To add your widgets into the panel, click on the Add widget action button or in the "No Widgets?" box.

The various widgets to choose from is show in a pop up box.  As per below, you can insert a Bar Chart, Board, Calendar, Donut Chart, Gantt, Key Metric, My Links, Table (entity list) or a Tree Map.  

By selecting a widget, in this case we are using key metrics, you must Select an entity from the drop down list.

Once your widget is added, you will notice that the size spans across the entire panel as a default.  Sizing shown below.

Orientation & Sizes

When adding panels, you can either select that the widgets are shown as Vertical or Horizontal.  In the below screenshot, for orientation we have selected Vertical and Size is half panel.  This then takes up half the page, leaving the right side blank.

 In the below screenshot, for orientation we have selected Horizontal and Size is full panel. The 2 metrics are then shown next to each other across the entire panel.

Settings, filtering & renaming headings

We've now added 3 key metrics with a Horizontal orientation using the full size panel.  For the first two metrics we selected the Project entity, and the third, the Cost entity.  Now we need to update the settings that will allow us to define what the key metrics should show.

Clicking on the settings (gear) icon, you will see the Settings pop up.  Select an Operator, Measure and Colour.  For my first metric, I want to see the count of projects.

For more information on working with widgets, follow this link.

You might only want to see these values based on projects that you are involved with.  This can be done by applying filters to the metrics.  Above, we are only looking at active projects.  We want to filter this down further to only show "My Projects" and exclude Admin Projects.  It is important to note that you can update the filters in View mode too. You don't have to be in edit mode on your tab.

The last step would be to rename the headings as well as hide the filter controls.  

Additional information

  • The My List Widget can only be used on one tab.
  • The My Approvals widget can only be used on one tab and is used to approve items.  The Approvals List can however be included in multiple tabs, but cannot be used to Approve.
  • The My Calendar widget on your Dashboard tab uses the settings as set up via the Widget Configuration page.  The Calendar widget however can be used multiple times on a tab or various tabs.
  • There is no limit to the number of panels that you can add to a tab.
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