The resources forum allows users to download product information, add-ins and executables as well as PPO screenshots.

  • Introduction To PPO

    This recorded webinar allows you to view a recast of one of our scheduled webinars. The"Introduction To PPO" webcast is presented by our CEO, Guy Jelley, and covers the following: Introduction to PPO; PPO functionality; Available PPO solutions an...

  • PPO MSP Add-In

    The MSP add-in is an application that provides a link between MSP and PPO and allows you to update your MSP schedule with information from the corresponding schedule in PPO.For detailed information on how to install and use this application please...

  • Task Import Templates

    PPO allows Tasks to be imported using Microsoft Project (MSP), Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and Excel for Mac. Below are links to pre-defined templates which can be used.   The template named "Task Import Template" is a simplified task import ...

  • PPO Product Brochure

    The product brochure provides a description of the functionality and important aspects of the application. In addition it provides an indication of the problems and issues that the application addresses. 

  • PPO Features Fact Sheet

    This fact sheet is a summary of the main product features of Project Portfolio Office (PPO). It provides an understanding of the capabilities of the application.

  • PPO Time Entries Features Fact Sheet

    This fact sheet contains detailed explanations of the time entries feature of Project Portfolio Office (PPO).

  • PPO Product Videos

    This is a quick link to the YouTube video platform, that hosts all current training videos on all the PPO functionality. YouTube

  • PPO Technical Fact Sheet

    The Technical Fact Sheet provides a high-level overview of the architecture of PPO, including the logical and technical architecture, as well as the hardware & software requirements to run PPO. The fact sheet also deals with security and availabil...

  • Business Intelligence (BI) API Fact Sheet

    To facilitate business intelligence (BI) requirements, PPO provides an API by means of an OData restful service. OData is an open protocol which is widely supported by numerous vendors. Follow this article that explains how to access the BI API, c...

  • PPO Integration API Fact Sheet

    To facilitate system to system integration, PPO provides an API which is exposed as SOAP web services. The API can be used for general integration tasks such as retrieving information from PPO as well as updating information in PPO.The linked docu...

  • PPO User Management API Fact Sheet

    To facilitate programmatic user management, PPO provides an API in the form of a SOAP web service. The API provides for the following: Retrieving details for one or all users Adding a user Updating various user attributes Resetting a user's passw...

  • PPO Screenshots

    Download the attached zipped folder that includes PPO screenshots that covers the following functionality: methodology and governance alignment; time and cost management; planning and task management; resource and capacity management; issue and r...

  • PPO PAIA Manual

    Project Portfolio Office (Pty) Ltd's Promotion of Access to Information (PAIA) manual can be downloaded here.

  • BEE Certificate

    Project Portfolio Office (Pty) Ltd's BEE certificate can be downloaded using the link below: