Can the Main Menu be configured?

Yes, the main menu can be configured.  Below are examples of the capabilities of this feature.


The Project Menu items can be grouped (and ordered). A good example of this is to order them according to management areas.  Below is an example of grouping various Management areas like RAID (Risks, Actions, Issues and Decisions) items, areas that relate to Time & Cost, Reporting as well as Governance.  This can however be changed depending on the requirement in your environment.  

Grouping is also relevant to any new Main Menu item added.  This is explained below.

Adding new Main Menu items

We have the ability to add additional Main Menu items to help categorising them into Departments / Methodologies / Areas etc.  Below is an example of where we added all entities related to Change under a new Main Menu.

For environments with multiple delivery approaches and/or methodologies, splitting the menu by methodology is also an option, e.g. menus for Agile and for Waterfall with their relevant entities grouped and ordered within.

Any of the project-related entities can be moved to a Main Menu item. The example above also shows a Demand entity that has been moved from the Projects Menu and added as a Main Menu item.  This supports the process flow from Demand through to Projects.

Considerations & Limitations

  • Changes to the Main Menu cannot be made via the front end of PPO.  If you have a requirement and need any changes, please feel free to log a support ticket and the Support Team will assist.  
  • The Main Menu items that are static which we cannot move, group, or order are the following:  Home, Life Cycle, Reporting & Administration.
  • When adding additional Main Menu items, there is a limitation of 5 menus between Life Cycle and Reporting
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