Why do I get a error when running reports concurrently?

When executing reports/dashboards in PPO you can only request one report at a time. There will be cases where some reports take longer to load than others due to the amount of data being rendered. If you execute a report for the second time while the first one hasn't loaded yet, you will receive this error message:


What to do when you get the error?

  • Click on "Close" and allow the first request you made to complete successfully before trying to re-execute the report.

What would cause a report to execute slowly?

How to Prevent the Error?

Ensure that you do not execute concurrent requests for a report within a short space of time.  You must wait for the report to return results before making another request.  Always ensure that you apply global filters or any other filtering where necessary. If you are extracting a report/dashboard for a large data set you will need to be patient for the report/dashboard to retrieve the requested data.

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