How can I apply formatting to text in PPO?

In certain use cases you might want to apply formatting to text in PPO for instance to make text bold, to apply italics or to denote a heading.  We have introduced a feature that allows users to format text inside free text fields using markdown syntax.

As an example, to make text bold, add two asterisks around your text **like this**.  In the Description field below we have applied bold formatting to FAIS

Edit page:


View page:



More examples

To add bullets, add an asterisk OR a hyphen in front of the text i.e * Item 1 OR - Item 1



To apply italics to text, add single asterisks around your text *like this*.


To add a hyperlink use the syntax like this  [PPO Website](  



To apply headings you need to add a hashtag and a space in front of your text. The following can be used depending on the size of the heading you need.

# H1

## H2

### H3 


Additional information:

Markdown is currently supported on any free-text fields on Entity View pages, Life Cycle process steps, Validation rule messages and in notes on time entries. Be aware that on time entry notes we currently only support hyperlinks and in all other instances we do not support images or SVG.

Currently we do not by default apply markdown to reports and dashboards as it could cause alignment and other issues.  It can however be enabled on a case by case basis but you will need help from the Support team. Feel free to log a ticket if you have this requirement.

For some more examples related to markdown you can follow this link.

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