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Programme management is the process of managing several related projects, often with the intention of improving an organisation's performance. PPO allows this via the use of a programmes entity. This entity allows users to add programmes with specific programme information and documents. Once a programme has been set up, users can link projects to that programme by making use of a Programme List data field type.

The Programmes entity can also be renamed to suit other requirements related to the grouping of projects. Examples of alternative names for Programmes include Objectives, Initiatives, and Facilities. For more information on renaming entities, please access the following knowledge base article.

Accessing the Programme entity

The Programme entity can be accessed by clicking on Programmes on the Main Menu.  If you do not see the Programme entity, make sure that the entity has been enabled on your instance and that your user group has been granted access to the entity. 

For more information on user groups and user group access rights, access the following knowledge base article.

Standard Configuration

The screenshot below shows the standard configuration of the Programme entity. 

The Programme View Page shows detailed programme information. In addition, it also shows a list of projects which are linked to the selected programme (i.e. projects where this programme is selected in the Programme data field). Lastly, the page shows all documents that are linked to the specific Programme. 


Customising the Programme entity

Should you wish to configure the programmes entity to align with your own methodology, access the following knowledge base article which will guide you through the process of adding or updating existing data fields. If you also need assistance in the process, feel free to log a support call and the PPO Support team will gladly assist you.

Adding Programmes

The user can add as many programmes as required, by clicking on the Add Programme button. The required information then needs to be completed, before clicking on the Submit button.


After a programme has been added, it will automatically be available from any Programme List data type field.

Copying a Programme

If your user group access allows you to Add a programme, you will also have the ability to Copy a programme from the Programme View page.  Using the copy functionality you simply click on Copy in the Actions menu and PPO will open an Add page with all the data already copied over.  All you need to do is change certain fields based on your requirement and Submit.

The Copy functionality is available for All project and non-project-related entities.

Linking projects to programmes

The programme field is available on the project entity when adding or editing projects. Should you wish to link a project to a programme, you can do so by selecting the applicable programme from the programme drop-down list (as per the screenshot below).


Once you have selected the programme, click on the Submit button.  Please note that projects can only be linked to one programme at a time. By linking projects to a programme, reports and dashboards can be viewed on a portfolioprogramme or project level.


Programme Reporting

1. Programme dashboard  - the dashboard displays a high level project information for the projects that form part of a particular programme.  For more information on the dashboard explanations access the following knowledge base article.

2. Programme detail report  – the report shows a data dump of all the data fields available on the programme entity. It is only available in a datasheet view. For more information on the report explanations access the following knowledge base article.

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