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The success of a project often depends on the measures and controls put in place to govern the project. PPO caters for this requirement through its Approvals functionality, allowing approval records to be created for team members’ time entries, documents, projects, scope changes and more.

Types of approvals

Two types of approvals are available:
  1. Time Entry approvals, and
  2. Client defined approvals.
This article deals exclusively with Time Entry approvals. For information on client defined approvals, see the following knowledge base article. 

Setting up Time Entry approvals

Time Entry approvals are available on the following conditions:
  1. The Edit Time Entry functionality option should be enabled in the user group’s logical access. For more information related to User Group access follow this knowledge base article.
  2. The "Allow approvals on time entries” option in the instance’s System Configuration should be set to true.  For more information related to System Configuration follow this knowledge base article.
If the above conditions are met, the Time Entries icon will be available on the top right corner of the window.
On the Time Entries page there will be an Approval Request column as well as an approval Status column for each time entry.

Using Time Entry approvals

Once the time entry is ready for approval, the Approval Request field should be checked for every row that you want to submit for approval. This can be done simultaneously for all records against which time has been booked by making use of the Select All button under the Approval drop down.


The Select All for Approval option will check the Approval Request for all time entries.


On Submit, the Status field of the time entry sent for approval will change to Ready.


Simultaneously, an Approval Request will be created on the project manager of the related project’s Home Page. The time entries can also be configured to allow any person specified on the project or a resource manager type position linked to the resource to approve time logged.

The manager can then review the time entry and decide to Decline or Approve the entry and click on the corresponding action to indicate his/her decision.


The manager’s decision will reflect on the user’s Time Entries page. If the time entry has been Declined, the user is allowed to alter the time entry and resubmit it for approval.


To resubmit for approval, either click on the Declined link and click on the Resubmit for approval action button OR select the approval request tick box and submit. This will again change the approval’s status to Ready and will cause the approval to appear once again on the approver’s Home Page.

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