How can I link to specific list pages from the Life Cycle?

PPO allows for links to be created on the Life Cycle that will take the user to a filtered list page. This allows the users to be taken from the Life Cycle to a list page showing (for example) only RED Risks, only template documents, or Issues on a certain project, depending on the requirement.

To set up a link to a filtered list page, proceed with the steps listed in the following knowledge base article, until the Add Link box opens (shown below). In the Link field, amend the URL using the guidelines below.


EXAMPLE 1: Linking to a list applying an entity filter

This link can be used to link to list pages that have an entity filter applied. This example will show how to link to an Issue list that's filtered to only show Issues assigned to the logged-in user, but these principles can be applied to create links to list pages, on any entity, using any shared filter.

The first step is to find the shared filter that you want to link to.  If one doesn't exist yet you can add this under the Administration menu by selecting Filters. For more details on setting up global shared filters, access the following knowledge base article.

Click on the edit filter button from the Filters page.

Note the filter key in the URL.


Instead of copying the URL from the word "request" as per normal when creating links from the Life Cycle, follow these steps:

  • Copy the URL and paste it into a new tab
  • Add the following to the link field "listredirect" - see example below


Full URL:

This is what we use in the Link field:  listredirect.aspx?context=issue&IssueList=FilterKey~22

The highligted sections should be replaced, depending on the list page being linked to and the filter that has been set up. For example, if a document list page is being linked to the word "issue" should be changed to "document", the word "IssueList" should be changed to "DocumentList" and the related shared filter key, should be provided.

When a user clicks on the link, the issue list page will open, showing only the issues assigned to the logged in user.


OPTION 2: Linking to a list applying a project filter

This link can be used to link to list pages that have a project filter applied. The first step is again to create a global shared filter as above and then use the following in the link URL:


 OPTION 3: Linking to a list with the global filter disabled

Global filters are applied by default to filtered list pages. However, a link can be set up to specifically disable the global filter for the list.

To disable the PROJECT global filter in the link, use the following in the link field:


To disable the ISSUE global filter in the link, use the following in the link field:


Once again, the Issue global filter can be amended to apply to the entity being linked to.

OPTION 4: Linking to a list applying a specific project filter

This link can be used to filter an entity list for a specific project. This can be done by entering the project key. Use the following in the link field:


In the above example, the project key of the specific project you would like to link to, will be replaced by "123" for example if you wish to link to the issue list for the Northern Frontier Marketing project, and the project key is 35, then the link will display as follows:

The above examples all link to the issue list, but this can be changed depending on the entity list you would like to link to.

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