What is the difference between a resource and a user?


Items such as tasks, issues and risks can then be assigned to resources to action. Everyone who is involved in a project (stakeholders) as well as team members who will be working on the project should be loaded as resources on PPO.

Resources can be loaded by clicking on the Resources menu item and then clicking on the Add Resource action button.

There is no limit to the number of resources that can be loaded onto an instance.

When someone is loaded as a resource it does not automatically give them access to log into the PPO instance, and it will not allow them to automatically receive e-mail notifications.


In order for a resource to be able to log into PPO to update items, the resource has to be loaded as a user.  To add a User, hover over the Administration menu and select Users.

Each user is linked to their own resource record and a user group.  Important:  The resource record for the user must already exist before the user can be added.

Once the user is added, they will receive a welcome e-mail, containing their username, password as well as a URL link to the PPO instance they have been added to. 

The number of users that can be added to an instance is determined by the number of subscriptions available (i.e. if you have 10 subscriptions available, you will only be able to add 10 users).

For more information on how to increase/decrease the number of subscriptions on your instance, access the following knowledge base article.

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