Does PPO have a Product Roadmap?

Yes, we do.

Our software development & deployment approach

Our PPO development team has been following an Agile software development process since 2013 which allows us to quickly develop new features or enhancements to our current functionality.  Our development sprints run in 2 week cycles and we follow a continuous deployment approach where we did in excess of 400 deployments in the last 12 month period (yip, that’s 2 deployments per work day). 

How do items get onto the Roadmap?

We have a weekly Release Management meeting that includes representations from all the PPO teams (support, implementations, success management, DevOps, sales, and marketing). At this meeting, we review and discuss the current features on the roadmap as well as debate and prioritise new ideas that we then add to the pipeline for consideration. The pipelines groomed and approved features are then added to the roadmap.

Where do these ideas come from?

In the Community section on the Support Portal, our users have the ability to view and vote for product enhancement ideas that have been logged. More importantly, our users are able to add any new ideas that they feel could be added to the product or enhance existing functionality. To find out more about adding ideas read this FAQ.

As part of the grooming process, when your idea on the Community page is added to the roadmap, we mark the status as planned and you’ll receive an email as it moves forward. These can be viewed here.

Where can I see what new features or enhancements have been deployed?

We communicate our new features and enhancements to our Blog Subscribers in our short weekly newsletter. You can sign up here today. The newsletter includes content from our Product News page of our PPO Blog. These articles cover information related to the specific enhancement or new feature and also direct users to articles in the Support Portal for detailed information on how to use the new functionality. In most cases, we also include short videos to demonstrate functionality.

Where can I discuss the PPO roadmap and pipeline?

At PPO we have named Success Managers that are allocated to each and every one of our clients.  In their Success Management role, they schedule regular (typically monthly) sessions with their clients. The purpose of the regular sessions is to ensure that our clients continue to see a return on their investment in PPO. We do this by defining clear requirements with our clients, measuring our progress on these, creating specific action plans, and measuring and driving the results.  Our Success Managers are aware of what is currently on the roadmap and use these sessions to provide insight to clients on the roadmap, get input from clients on the items and even consider BETA clients for specific features.

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