How can I change the default set of Health Indicators or Comments created on a project?

By default, Health Indicators and Comments are automatically created when you add a new project. The mechanism used for this is a "Create Items from Template Project" Business Rule.

Accessing business rules

Hover over the Administration Menu, and select Business Rules which will take you to the Business Rule List page.  To check if you have existing rules in place, filter as shown in the below screenshot.


Changing the default comments or health indicators if you have existing business rules

If the business rules, as shown above, are configured on your instance (and are active), then the default comments and/or health indicators are copied from a template project (in the below example, the template project is named "Templates & Methodology").


To change the default comments / health indicators that will be created, navigate to the project by clicking on "View" next to the project name as shown in the above screenshot.  You can then edit / add / delete comments / health indicators on that project. 

Important:  All new projects that are added will then have this new set of comments / health indicators. Note that the comments / health indicators for existing projects will be left unchanged.


Updating existing projects

As noted above, changing the default comments / health indicators will only affect projects that are created in the future - existing projects will be unaffected.  If you also want existing projects health indicators and comments to be aligned, this must be done manually. Feel free to log a ticket with our Support Team who will be able to assist you.

Creating different comments / health indicators for different projects

Business Rules allow for more complex scenarios where you want to for example create different default comments depending on the project type or some other attribute of the project. To implement this, you create a separate template project and business rule for each of the sets of default comments and specify a Condition for the business rule which limits it to a specific type of project. 


For help with your particular scenario do not hesitate to contact our Support Team who will be able to advise and assist you.

For more information on how to create a "Create Items from Template Project" business rule, refer to this Knowledge Base article.

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