Governance Requirements

PPO allows for the monitoring of adherence to project governance by means of a pre-configured Governance Requirements entity with associated reports. These reports measure whether a defined set of documents are produced and approved for each of the phases of a project.

This article covers:

Access to the entity

Hover over the Project main menu to access the Governance Requirements entity.  If you do not see the entity, this can be updated under User Groups by your PPO Administrator.  

Standard configuration & calculations

PPO is pre-configured to allow you to measure adherence to governance, based on defined project phases and document types. 


The RAG indicator for each document is calculated based on the following:
  • If the specified document is uploaded and approved, the indicator will show GREEN
  • If the specified document is uploaded but NOT approved, the indicator will show AMBER
  • If the specified document is NOT uploaded at all, the indicator will show RED; and
  • If the specified document is NOT yet required, based on the project phase, the indicator will show GREY.

The overall Governance RAG on the Project entity is calculated by looking at the individual RAG indicators for all phases prior to the current phase.


The overall Gate Ready RAG indicator on the Project entity is similar to the Governance RAG except that it also takes into account the current phase. It, therefore, shows whether the project is ready to move to the next phase.

Flexible Governance

The Governance Requirements entity caters to flexible governance.  What this means is that you, as a PPO Administrator has the ability to mark a governance record as not-required.  In doing so you will be forced to add a comment as to why the document is not required (for audit purposes).  When marking the record as not required, the Governance RAG for the specific record will show as Green and the Project Manager is not forced to add an actual document/waiver. 


Updating governance requirements based on your methodology

You can update governance requirements based on your methodology by simply changing the required documents and the phases that they belong to on the template project (by default this is the project called Templates & Methodology). The quickest way to do this is by using the multiple edit page as shown below.
All future projects that are created will have the new governance requirements. If you want to add or change the governance for existing projects you can adjust the governance requirement records manually for each of the projects using the multiple edit functionality.


The Project Governance Report indicates the required documents for each phase of a project and shows whether the documents have been uploaded and approved for the project. The report also shows an overall 'Governance RAG' and 'Gate Ready RAG' for the project. 


The Portfolio Governance Report provides you with an overall view of your project portfolio’s alignment to Governance. For more information on the report, access the following knowledge base article.


The Portfolio Governance Landscape Report shows a pivoted view of all projects, their required documents as well as the status of the governance requirements.


For more information on these reports, access the following knowledge base article.

Additional Information

  • The default, phases that are available are based on the PMBOK suggested phases.  If you however have different phases, you just need to modify or add to the custom list items. By default, the custom list that defines the project phases is called "Project – Phase". For more information on adding or modifying custom list items, refer to the following knowledge base article.
  • Several document types are defined by default. You can however add, remove or change these types based on your specific requirements by updating the "Document – Type" custom list. For more information on adding or modifying custom list items, refer to the following knowledge base article.
  • PPO also allows for more advanced configuration around governance, e.g. having different document requirements based on the project type, the ability to automatically move projects from phase to phase based on approvals, etc.  If you feel like you would benefit from any of these features, please do not hesitate to contact the PPO Support team.
  • If you do not see the Governance Requirements entity under the Project menu, make sure that your user group has been granted access to this entity (refer to the following knowledge base article on how to do that). If you do not see this option under the user group access page feel free to log a support call for the support team to assist.
  • If your instance was provisioned prior to 11 October 2019, the required documents for each phase is mapped using dependencies. If you have made changes to either the project phases or document types, you need to adjust the dependency which maps which document types are required in which phases.  The dependency that defines this is called 'Governance – Phase & Document Type' by default.  For more information on how to update a dependency, you can access the following knowledge base article.
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