How can I create a link to Google maps from PPO?

PPO allows users to enter two coordinates (one for latitude and one for longitude) and then follow a calculated link to the defined location in Google Maps.

Follow these steps to set this up:

Step 1: Create two text fields

The first step is to add two manual text fields, one for latitude and one for longitude:


For details on how to set up data fields, see the following knowledge base article.

Step 2: Create a calculated URL field

The next step is to create the field that will house the link to Google Maps. This needs to be a calculated field, with the following formula:


P27 and P28 refer to the two fields names added for Latitude and Longitude.


Once users have entered the latitude and longitude fields, they will be able to click on the Google Maps link and be taken directly to the defined position:



For the above formula to work, the GPS coordinates need to be entered in the following format (decimal degrees):

GPS latitude (south / north): -25.7388900

GPS longitude (east / west): 28.1889600

No other format of GPS coordinates is supported when using this calculation.

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