Can I book time on behalf of another user?

The short and simple answer is No. 

History updates, audit logs, real time emails for updates and updates to feeds are driven for each user’s actions on PPO.  It’s thus crucial to PPO in terms of maintaining data integrity that the actual user does the update which kicks off all these related items. 

Besides the data integrity above, there are various other reasons why we do not allow users to book time on another user's behalf. 

  • For user groups & user group filters, a user wanting to book time on behalf of another would not necessarily have the same access rights. Thus, there is a risk of booking time to projects and related entity items that they don’t have access to. 
  • In the case of Business Rules with very specific conditions, there is a risk that time can be booked to a Project or related entity item where the specific user group has not been specified as an exception to the rule. 
  • If there are items that a user regularly books time to, they have the ability to Pin the item, ensuring the item always remains on the time entry page for ease of use. If you were to book time on another’s’ behalf, you would not see their pinned items and possibly book to an incorrect item. 
  • For additional ease of use, when a user updates an item in PPO, the time entry page is auto populated with that item which easily allows the user to book their time to it. This won’t be applicable if you book time on behalf of another user. 
  • There could be scenarios where contractors working on PPO have a specified number of hours per day / week as a condition of their contract. It’s important that they are accountable for capturing their own time spent as per the agreed terms of the contract. 
  • In addition, PPO’s Automated Labour Costs auto creates cost records and allowing others to book time on your behalf could also impact the data integrity of actual labour costs. 
  • Most clients make use of Time Entry Approvals.  When booking time and submitting for approval, the Approver can either approve or decline the entry.  When declined, the entry is sent back to the Originator (the user booking the time) for corrections and to re-submit for approval. This would cause confusion and discrepancies as the actual user didn’t book the time. 

If there is a need for additional subscriptions to allow more users to capture time, PPO is open to discuss timesheet only user access.  Please feel free to reach out to your Success Manager to discuss.

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