Programme Dashboard

The purpose of the programme dashboard is to display high level project information for the projects that form part of a particular programme. This is ideal for use during portfolio or programme meetings or to communicate high level status information to programme stakeholders.

When accessing the programme dashboard, you will notice that the existing programmes are available from the programme drop-down list, as can be seen below.


Once the programme dashboard has opened, you will notice that it is very similar to the Project Manager's dashboard, with the difference being that it displays information for all the projects that are linked to the selected programme.


mceclip2.pngWhen looking at the programme schedule section, it will only display the Project Tasks and Milestones for the related projects and not all the tasks in order to keep the size of the dashboard reasonable.

Programme_Schedule.PNGThe programme costs section, in addition to the normal summarised cost information, also displays the % contribution of each project within the programme based on the budgeted cost.

Programme_Costs.PNGMost of the data can be drilled down on to obtain more detailed information about that particular item.  For example, by clicking on a particular project in the Programme Projects section, it will open the project view page for that particular project.

For more information on setting up programme projects in PPO, read the following knowledge base article.

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