Is it possible to change the display value of items in PPO?

The display value on all entities within PPO can be changed. Understanding what a display value is and the impacts of changing the display value are important before making changes:

What is a display value?

The display value is the value used throughout PPO’s interface to identify the item through some meaningful display of its properties. The most commonly used property would be the title/name of the item.

A simple example is the project entity's default display value is the name of the project, the resource entity's default display value is the name concatenated with the surname of the resource.

A more complex example is the sprint entity's display values shows the week the sprint is starting, the unique key of the sprint, the team assigned to the sprint, and the status of the sprint

Where are display values shown?

Display values are primarily shown in PPO’s mobile view, Entity List Pages, and Report/Dashboard parameters.

Mobile view:

When navigating through PPO on a mobile device all list pages show the display value of the entity. Three examples follow below for a resource list page, a project list page, and a task list page.

Entity List Pages:

Entity list pages use the display value when you are filtering on an entity list type field for example a project list page filtered for a specific project or an issue list page filtered for a specific owner:


Report/Dashboard parameters:

Any report/dashboard that allows a user to select a single occurrence of an entity will show the entity's display value. Below is an example of the Project Status Dashboard and the Scrum - Sprint Backlog.



Other noteworthy locations:

An entity’s display value is also shown when booking time to an entity on your timesheet as well as when viewing/editing an entity that has an entity list type field included on it (incl. the most common field types of Project List, Programme List, Resource List).



How do I change the display value on my instance?

The display value can be changed with assistance from the PPO Support team. Just log a support call and they will gladly assist.

Additional Considerations:

When changing your display value ensure the change is simple and does not cause your instance to be slower, because of all the SQL expressions being used. In essence, do not overcomplicate your display values.

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