Can PPO calculate the date on which a project was closed?

Clients may want to record the date that the project was closed in PPO and while this can be seen in the audit trial on PPO this can also be achieved as follows:

  • Implement a new data field called "Date Closed" on the Projects entity. 

  • Implement a validation rule to stop the date from changing after the status has changed to completed, cancelled or rejected.
  • Implement a validation rule to prevent the status from being changed after it has been set to completed, cancelled or rejected.

  • Log a ticket with the Support Desk to implement a Set Entity Fields Business Rule.
  • A Set Entity Fields business rule will be used to set the Date Closed when the status of a project is set to completed, cancelled or rejected, due the XSL requirement, only the Support Desk can do this.

The implemented date field on the projects page will remain empty up until the project status is updated to cancelled, completed or rejected.


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