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Users can set basic preferences from the Preferences item under their user menu located at the top right of all PPO pages.


The preferences page allows for the following items to be set:


Receive email notifications

PPO has a notification engine that is configured by the system administrator to send e-mail alerts when things occur on PPO (e.g. a risk is raised, an issue is edited or a document is uploaded).

Each user of PPO can decide whether or not to receive e-mail notifications.  On the Preferences page, users can uncheck the Receive e-mail notifications checkbox which will ensure they do not receive PPO e-mails. This will however also result in the user not receiving Report Mailers that have been set up on the PPO instance. 

Receive email notifications for items you updated

Each user of PPO can decide whether or not to receive e-mail notifications for items that they have updated.  Some users disable this option to reduce the number of emails received from PPO, where others like receiving these emails as they can then forward them to relevant stakeholders.

On the Preferences page, users can uncheck the Receive e-mail notifications for items you updated checkbox which will ensure they do not receive PPO e-mails for items they updated. 

Default value for "Billable"

The PPO Administrator can define whether the items in the time entries page need to be billable or non-billable by default for all users. To find out more about this setting access the following knowledge base article.

The Users can however, specify their own default as well and the user preference will then override the global default. 

For more information related to the time entries functionality, see the following knowledge base article.

Show Markdown preview toggle

PPO allows users to format text inside free text fields using markdown syntax.  If a user enables the Markdown preview toggle on their preferences page, the toggle icon will be shown next to free-text fields when in edit mode:




You can personalise an avatar for your own employee record on PPO.  By default, the avatar uses your initials and a unique colour is auto-applied which cannot be changed.  To upload your own avatar, simply upload an image using the "Avatar Image" functionality shown below.  To remove an Avatar, select the "Remove Avatar" button.

Additional considerations:

  • When an image is uploaded it is cropped into a square so it's best that you use a square image.
  • Any image type is supported (not bigger than 10MB).

The avatar displays on the Main Menu for the User Options functionality, View Pages, List Pages and in Reporting.  Examples below:




The default skin on the instance is set by the administrator (for more information, access the following knowledge base article). However, users can select one of the other pre-defined skins or create their own custom skin.  To revert to the instance default, select the "...Global Default..." option from the dropdown. For more information on creating a custom skin, refer to this knowledge base article.


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