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Why do we have report mailers

Often, clients want a PPO report or dashboard to be e-mailed to them automatically, on a scheduled basis. PPO caters for this requirement through its Report Mailer functionality, allowing any PPO report or dashboard (standard or custom) to be sent out on a scheduled basis, via e-mail. The recipients of these e-mails are defined on a user-basis, and special custom filters can be applied to the report, as deemed necessary.

To enforce PPO's security model, e-mailed reports are only sent to resources who have an Active user account on PPO. All e-mail events, including report mailers, adhere to PPO's user group access settings, ensuring that no unauthorised information can be accessed via e-mail.

Access to report mailers

Under the Administration Menu select Report Mailers which will take you the Report Mailers List page. 


If you do not see the Report Mailers item this can be updated under User Groups. For more information about setting up user group access rights, read the following knowledge base article.

Viewing your report mailers

When selecting the Report Mailer menu item you will be directed to the Report Mailer List page:


When you select a mailer from the list it will open in a 'Read Only' view.  Detailed information described below:


Type: Will show whether a Report or Dashboard has been selected.

Reports: Will show the Report or Dashboard name that is being sent.

Criteria Selection: This shows the parameters associated with the report and is the same as those that you would see if you ran the report manually.  If a filter has been applied as in the example above you can hover over "Active Projects (Excluding Admin)" to see the detail of the filter.

Subject: This by default shows the report or dashboard name selected.

Attachment file name: This will default to the report or dashboard name selected.

Attachment Type:  This indicates whether the report attachment will be sent as a PDF or Datasheet view depending on the specific report.

Body:  This is the text that appears in the body of the e-mail when the report mailer is sent.

Schedule Type:  This indicates the frequency of when the mailer is sent (weekly or monthly).

Days:  This shows the specific day/s when the mailer will be sent. In the above example the mailer is sent Monthly on the 1st day of the month.

Enabled: Indicates whether the mailer is enabled or not.

View Recipients:  Shows a list of the users who will receive the report mailer.



As shown above, a valid recipient must:

  • Have an Active Employee record
  • Have an Active User account, and have
  • Access to the selected report or dashboard

The View Recipients page shows the Employee Name, User Group they belong to, Email Address and then whether they are an active employee, active user and have access to the specified report or dashboard, as per their user group access. A RED indicator shows that they do not meet that criteria and the GREEN indicator means they do. So you would need three GREEN indicators to ensure that the recipients qualify to receive the report or dashboard e-mailed to them. The recipients section also gives you a quick overview on how many recipients will actually receive the report mailer and gives you the opportunity to address Logical Access Control issues promptly.

Note that even if all 3 indicators are green, it does not necessarily mean that the recipient will receive an e-mail since the report may be empty (based on user group filtering as well as the criteria selected) in which case they will not receive an e-mail.

Job Execution Log Entries

Once a report mailer has been enabled and has run, log entries will start appearing in this section to show you what happened with each completed run.


Job Start: Shows the date and time when the report mailer run completed.

Requests Made: Shows the number of requests that were made.  This should correspond to the number of recipients that meet the criteria as described in the previous section (e.g. active user, active employee and has access to the report).

Emails Sent: Shows the number of report mailer emails that were sent successfully.  This may be lower that the number of requests made since some of the reports may be empty.

Result: Shows whether the report mailer completed successfully.

How to request a report mailer

The PPO Support Team will assist with setting up report mailers.  For more information on requesting a mailer, read the following FAQ.

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