Can I show projects on my home page?

PPO allows any entity, with the exception of Employees and Programmes, to be shown on the Home Page. The entities that are shown can be configured by the PPO Administrator under System Administration >> Home Page Settings (for further information on how to change this setting, refer to this KB article).

Something to keep in mind is that PPO will only display information on your home page which is in some way "related" to you. By this we mean that the item was updated by you, or one of the employee fields on the entity is you. In the case of projects, this means that you will only see a project on your home page if for example you updated the project or you are the project manager, owner or sponsor.

You will however not necessarily see the project on your home page as a result of an indirect relationship, e.g. because you have task on the project assigned to you or you have been allocated to the project using a resource allocation entity.

In some scenario's you may however want to let users see these projects on their home page. An example is you want all users that have been allocated to a project to see these projects on their home page. Another example would be if you have a custom stakeholders entity which indicates all the stakeholders on the project.

This can be achieved by implementing a hidden calculated field on the project which indicates whether the currently logged in user is in some way indirectly associated with a project.  You can decide for yourself what the logic should be based on your specific requirements.

Therefore, if you have enabled projects to be shown on your home page but you do not see projects that you expect to see on your home page, please log a ticket with our Support Desk and ask them to assist you to implement the necessary calculated field as described above.

For clients who joined PPO after 26 August 2021, Projects now reflect on the Home Page by default.  A shared filter is also available that can be used if you want to see ALL projects where you are either the Project Sponsor, Project Owner, or Project Manager.


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