Navigation With The Main Menu

This article covers navigation through the following:

The main menu allows you to navigate intuitively through pages within PPO.  Each item is covered below:



The home page is the first page a user sees and focuses them on important items but should you need to navigate back to it you can simple click on the Home menu item. 


For more information on your home page, see the following knowledge base article.

Life Cycle

The life cylce allows for a methodology to be displayed graphically with the benefit of being interactive. Navigating to the life cycle is always handy for a quick reference to your implemented methodology.


For more information on your life cycle, see the following knowledge base article.


Managing several related projects is achieved through Programmes and can be accessed from the Programme menu item at any time.


For more information on Programmes, see the following knowledge base article.

Projects menu

The projects menu allows access to either your project list page or any project related items (risks, issues, tasks etc)


For more information on list pages, see the following knowledge base article.


Everyone that is involved in projects on PPO are loaded as employees. You can access the employee list page via the Employee menu item.


For more information on Employees, see the following knowledge base article.

Reporting menu

The reporting menu allows access to both your reports and dashboards that you have access to. In addition the menu also displays your recently used reports / dashboards.


For more information on reporting, see the following knowledge base article.

Administration menu

The administration menu lists the grouped administrative functions available to you according to your user group. 


For more information on administrative functions, see the following knowledge base article.


To access PPO's advanced search functionality you can simply click on the search icon.


After clicking on the search icon a search box will appear to being your search.


For more information on our advanced search functionality, see the following knowledge base article.

Time entries

Accessing your time sheet can be done from time entries icon just to the left of the user icon.


For more information about your time sheet, see the following knowledge base article.

User menu

The user menu (located in the top right hand corner) allows you to view your user name as well as the user group you belong. It is also allows one to access direct links to the support portal, product news, changing your password, updating your user preferences and lastly logging out.


Accessing the support portal

Getting in touch with the support team or accessing other helpful links can be done via the support portal under the user menu.


For more information on using the support portal, please see the following knowledge base article.

Whats New?

The Product News section of the blog is available from the What‘s New item under the user menu.


The articles cover enhancements (new features and functionality) as well as bug fixes. Users will also be directed to articles in the Support Portal for detailed information and step-by-step guides on how to use the new functionality.

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