Can I disable global filters on list fields?

Previously, the ability to disable global filters was limited to certain scenarios, e.g. on the list page.

If you however wanted to see the issues where the Contact Person (IssueContactPerson) is an inactive employee, there was no way to do this.

Similarly, when adding or editing an entity record, it was previously not possible to select an item on an entity list field that is being filtered out by the global filter on the entity.

In the screen shot below, for example, the employee global filter is always applied to the contact person field and it is therefore not possible to select an inactive employee.


As a work around, an administrator would previously have to temporarily disable the global filter, make the edit and then re-enable the global filter.

Allow disabling of global filters

In order to address this requirement, without creating additional complexity for users that do not require this functionality, we have implemented an additional configuration setting at the field level on project, programme, employee list, and entity list fields.


By default this setting is set to NOT allow the toggling of the global filter.

The effect when global filter toggling is allowed

If this setting is set to allow global filter toggling, a toggle is shown on list criteria, filter edit, all add, edit, as well as multiple edit pages for the entity to which the field relates.

For the Contact Person field shown in the example above, for instance, the edit page would now look like below.  Notice the global filter toggle to the right of the Contact Person field.  

If you toggle the global filter icon, you will be able to select inactive employees from the dropdown list.


Limitations and considerations

This functionality should be used judiciously, otherwise, it can start to clutter pages.

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