Business Rules - Call Web Service

As the name states, the Call Web Service business rule type can be set up to call on a web service to perform certain actions based on a specific trigger event in PPO.

The ability to add this type of business rule is not directly available to end users but can be requested by logging a ticket with the PPO Support Team. You will however be able to modify the conditions that trigger the rule, disable it or delete it.

Call Web Service rules are usually implemented when a level of automation is required like Project Gate Approvals where web services are set up to handle all the aspects of the work flow.

These include the initial creation of the approval records per phase when a project is added, activation of the next approval in the flow when the previous has been approved, moving a project from one phase to the next automatically as well updating the status of the project based on the approvals workflow.

Listed below are more examples of where the Call Web Service business rules are commonly used:

  • To automatically record labours costs on a project when users complete their weekly timesheets;
  • Creating a project from an idea in the pipeline once it has been approved;
  • Recording a date based on a specific update such as a lead that is updated to a "won" status;
  • Updating the responsible person on related project information when the stakeholders on a project is changed.

For more information related to business rules follow this article.

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