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PPO's Life Cycle component allows each client's methodology to be displayed graphically using images and process flows. The Life Cycle can be made interactive, allowing users to see detailed information on each step, download templates, link to required websites and e-mail addresses, link to reports and dashboards as well as other entity pages within PPO.

The Life Cycle is designed to guide users through the required steps to successfully complete their projects.

Accessing the Life Cycle

The Life Cycle can be accessed from the Life Cycle menu item. 

Access to the Life Cycle as well as access to edit the Life Cycle is maintained in each user's user group access rights. Each user group can also have a different Life Cycle, which is defined within the User Group Edit page. For more information, access the following knowledge base article.

Browser compatibility

PPO supports all standard web browsers, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Microsoft Edge. For more information on PPO's hardware and software requirements, see the following FAQ.

PPO's Life Cycle component uses SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) pages in order to display the processes. The above mentioned browsers support these SVG pages natively. This means that no additional add-ins are required in order for users of these browsers to see and use the Life Cycle.

Required tools

Creating and maintaining the Life Cycle is an administrative function and therefore not something all users need access to. For the administrator to be able to create and maintain the Life Cycle, the following tools will be required:

Microsoft Visio: Microsoft Visio is the program used to create and edit Life Cycle pages. It is used especially for it's ability to save pages as SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) pages, which is the format PPO requires to display the Life Cycle. For administrators to create or edit the Life Cycle, this program has to be installed on their computers.

Screen capture Software. In order to create Life Cycles, a good screen capture tool will be required. Numerous commercial and open source tools are available on the market.

PPO's icon library: PPO provides users with a full set of icons that can be used in the Life Cycle. The icon library can be downloaded from the following FAQ.

Browsers: Every browser renders SVGs slightly differently. It is therefore the responsibility of the administrator to ensure that the Life Cycle displays correctly on each browser that their users might use.

Getting started

To get started with creating, uploading, linking and editing your Life Cycle, see the following knowledge base articles:

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