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PPO has a basic structure that applies on all entities (programmes, projects, employees, risks, issues, tasks, scope changes, etc).

Page names

Every entity has a view page (for single records), list page, add page, edit page (for single records) and multiple edit page (for editing multiple records at the same time).

The name of the page will always appear in the top left hand corner of the page. In the example below the user is accessing the Issue List page.


In the next example the user is on the Project Add page:


List pages

The list pages for the programmes, projects and employee entities, will be shown when the respective menu items are selected.


There are two options you can choose from when accessing all project related entity list pages:

1. The first option is to select the project from the Projects List page. The Project View page shows links to each project related entity list page, as per the example below.


2. The second option is to use the Projects Menu. Hover the mouse over the Project Menu item to see the various list pages. Click on the name of the project related entity to navigate to that list page.  


View pages

The view page for any item can be opened from the list page, by clicking on the item from the list.


The primary action on each view page has it's own button, while secondary actions are combined into an actions menu that sits alongside the primary action button.  These buttons offer means of updating a single record, for example, edit the current record, delete the current record or add a new record. 


Multiple edit pages

The multiple edit page for any item can be seen on the list pages on the left (containing check-boxes).  These work in conjunction with the secondary actions.  So for example, if you want to delete several items, simply select them and then click on the Delete menu item in the secondary actions menu. 


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