Adding & Updating multiple records

Sometimes it is more convenient to update multiple records at the same time, for example if you want to update the status of issues, update task progress percentages or re-assign multiple issues.  Also, when adding a number of similar items, PPO provides functionality that makes this a lot easier than adding the items individually.

On the action panel on all list pages you will find an action icon which will take you to this functionality. The caption of the icon will differ depending on the entity, e.g. "Edit Risks" is the caption for the Risk entity.

The risks entity has been used in this article as an example, but the principles can be applied to all entities.


In the example above, to add or edit multiple risks, click on the Edit Risks icon from the Risk >> List page.


The Risks >> Edit page will open.


Note that the items shown on the Risks >> Edit page, will be the same items as on the Risks >> List page, for e.g if you filtered the Risks >> List page to only see Risks assigned to Ravi Naidoo and then clicked on the Risks >> Edit icon, you will also only see the Risks assigned to Ravi Naidoo. Also note that if there are more than 100 items, you will receive a warning that only the first 100 items are shown.

By default the fields on the list page are displayed as columns on the Risks >> Edit page. You can however change the columns that are shown by clicking on the Show / Hide List Columns icon in the top right hand corner of the page.

You will notice that some of the columns are shown in bold, which indicate that these are required fields. If you deselect all columns, it will revert to the default list columns configured for the instance. 

To edit a record, simply click on the record you want to edit and make the required changes. 


To add a new record, click on the green plus at the bottom of the multiple edit page.


Note that in the case of projects, you will only see the add and copy icons if the Project Code field on your instance is calculated. If the Project Code field on your instance is not calculated, you can request for it to be made calculated by logging a ticket with the support desk.

Also note that if you click on the add icon and do not currently have all required columns selected, a message will pop-up as below:

This is to ensure that all required information is captured when you add a record.

After you have clicked on the add icon, a  new line will open so that you can supply the information for the new record.


To copy an existing record, first select a specific line as per the screenshot below:


and then click on the Copy icon at the bottom of the multiple edit page.


A copied line will be displayed, with the information of the previously selected line. You can then change only the fields that are different.  This is useful for example, where you have to create a record for every month of the year, or you want to assign the same item to multiple users.

Please note that when using the copy functionality, all column values will be copied, not just those shown.


Once all changes have been made, click on the Submit icon to return to the Risk >> List page.

Access the following video which will explain the multiple adding and updating functionality, as shown above.

Important: When adding or editing multiple items it is easy to lose track of time.  If you take longer than the timeout that has been configured (currently 60 minutes) your session will have expired and you will be logged out of PPO and you will lose your changes.  Therefore, make sure that you submit your progress frequently.

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