What is the best way to show leave in my resource planning?

It is important to show leave when doing resource planning to ensure that resources are not over-allocated. If leave is not captured and factored into resource planning, employees can be allocated to project tasks during their leave period, causing a disjointed view of their allocation.

As an example, Harry Adams is taking leave in May. To allow time available for his leave Harry has not been allocated to tasks for a couple of days, which is why his resource allocation detail graph shows he has free capacity.


As a result of his resource allocation showing he has free capacity, project managers have gone ahead and allocated him to tasks to fill up his "free capacity". However, because Harry will actually be on leave during his allocated "free capacity", the detail graph provides a skewed view of Harry's availability (he is now in actual fact over-allocated).


The best way to correct this skewed view is to capture leave is to create an admin project for Leave.


When an employee is planned for leave, a task, assigned to the employee, must be added to the leave project for the duration of the leave.


Harry Adams, as per our example, will therefore show as booked to full capacity because his leave days are being taken into account for capacity calculations. This will prevent Harry from being over-allocated as he is already shown as being booked to full capacity.

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