Adobe is no longer doing any development on their SVG Viewer and will not provide customer support beyond 1 January 2009. Does this impact PPO?

We are aware of this. The reason sited by Adobe is that all the popular browsers, with the notable exception of Internet Explorer (versions older than IE9) now support SVG natively and that there are a number of other plug-ins available. 

PPO supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, OperaSafari and Google Chrome browsers.

Firefox, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome all support SVG natively (therefore they do not require the Add-In in order to view the Life Cycle in PPO). Internet Explorer 8 or less is thus the only mainstream web browser that does not natively support SVG. Users using Internet Explorer 9 do not require to install the SVG viewer as it does now support SVG natively. Adobe however have no intention of removing the add-in from their web-site.

From our point of view however the continued support of SVG in Microsoft Visio is critical and as far as we are aware Microsoft has not indicated that they will be dropping this support, nor do they currently support the export of Visio files to XAML/Silverlight.

"SVG support is something that we have been evaluating for some time," Microsoft said in a statement. "We recognize the demand for vector graphics from Web developers, and realize this is a high-priority demand."

We will take whatever action is required to ensure that clients with older browser versions are not affected.

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