How can I download the SVG Viewer to be able to view the Life Cycle in PPO?

The SVG Viewer is required in order to view the Life Cycle in PPO.

PPO supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, OperaSafari and Google Chrome browsers.
Firefox, Opera, Safari and Google Chrome all support SVG natively (therefore they do not require the Add-In in order to view the Life Cycle in PPO).
Internet Explorer 8 or less is thus the only mainstream web browser that does not natively support SVG.  Users using Internet Explorer 9 do not require to install the SVG Viewer as it now supports SVG natively.

To download and install the SVG Viewer, complete the following steps:

  1. Use the link provided below or download the add-in from the following place:
    Downloads >> Add-Ins & Executables >> SVG Viewer;
  2. Double click on the icon called SVGViewer and choose the option Run;
  3. The add-in should start installing onto your computer;
  4. Once installed log onto PPO and access the Life Cycle;
  5. When prompted click the "Accept" button for the SVG Viewer; (you might be required to refresh the page)
  6. You should now be able to see the Life Cycle.
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