How is the task relevance period configuration setting applied to the Project Manager Dashboard and other reports?

The Task relevance period in days as displayed in the System Configuration impacts the tasks displayed on the Project Manager Dashboard and Upcoming Tasks Report.


These reports and dashboards use the configuration setting to determine which tasks to display. If the configuration setting is set to 30 days the reports will show all tasks that begin or are due within the next 30 days ignoring tasks further down the line.

The task relevance rule applied in the example above will result in ALL tasks reflecting on the Project Manager Dashboard EXCEPT: Tasks that are 100% complete and the planned end date is in the past and tasks of which the planned start date is after the relevance period and the actual progress = 0%

The following graph provides a graphical representation of what is included in the task relevance period:


Note: the start and end dates of the tasks shown always refer to the Planned Start Date and Planned End Date of the task respectively.

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