What languages does PPO support?

Currently, PPO is only available in English although we are looking to change that in future.  There are however a number of ways in which you can use configurable elements to make PPO more accessible to non-English speaking users.

PPO allows administrators to define the following:

  • Entity names (projects, employees, tasks, issues, risks, etc);
  • Field captions;
  • Field descriptions (hover-over text); and
  • Custom list items.

This means that users can choose to display these values in languages other than English. Users can also update information on PPO’s text and free text fields in any language.

PPO currently poses the following limitations in terms of translations:

  1. Once the configurable items mentioned above have been changed into another language they will display the same for ALL users. There is no mechanism by which these items can be translated dynamically depending on the user who has logged in.
  2. The same applies to the information that has been entered by users; this information cannot be translated by PPO for the purposes of reporting in a single language.
  3. None of the reports or dashboard names can be translated.
  4. All action words (“Add”, “Edit”, “Move”, “Delete”, etc.), the majority of the menu items (“Home”, “Life Cycle”, “Reports”, “Dashboards”, etc.) and other standard icons (for example, on the Administration screen) are hard-coded in English and therefore cannot be changed.

In order to assist us in improving this function in PPO, please vote for the Idea: “Support for other languages” and comment on which languages you would like supported.

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