Can I pay for my PPO subscriptions via debit order and how does it work?

PPO allows clients to pay for their PPO subscriptions by authorising a debit order. This means that PPO will automatically deduct the monthly subscription fee from your account every month. This can be requested when applying for your full subscription instance of PPO by selecting the debit order option under the payment method:

If the debit order option is selected, the banking details and debit order agreement sections become compulsory.

PPO requires banking details in order to deduct the subscription fees from your account. Clients are also advised to read the Debit Order terms and conditions carefully before agreeing to go on debit order. The debit order terms and conditions will also have to be agreed, before the client can proceed.

If a client wants to move their existing instance of PPO to a debit order payment, they would need to complete the attached debit order authorisation form and send it to

Monthly invoicing process

PPO usage is invoiced to all clients on the last day of each month for usage in the current month.  As per the standard PPO terms and conditions all payment terms are 30 days and thus January's' usage is invoiced on the 31st of January and payment is due the end of February.  Invoices will be mailed on the 1st working day of the next month.

PPO calculates your monthly subscription fee according to the highest number of subscriptions that were available on PPO for that month. Please note that this does not refer to the number of active users (subscriptions used) but to the number of subscriptions available.

To see the number of subscriptions available on your instance click on the Administration menu item and then click on Subscription Management. The number of subscriptions currently available on your PPO instance will be shown at the top of the page.


For more information on managing subscriptions, access the following knowledge base article.

If the debit order option has been selected as the preferred payment method, the amount shown on the invoice received on the 1st will be deducted from the client's bank account on the 25th of the month. If the 25th falls on a weekend or a public holiday, the debit order will go off on the closest working day. No action is therefore required by the client.

If the invoice is incorrect, the client can contact the PPO Accounts Team on at any time between the 1st (when the invoice is received) and the 25th (when the debit order will go off) to request an amendment.

Debit orders can be reversed by the bank on request of the client without any intervention / authorisation required from PPO. To reverse an incorrect debit order kindly contact your bank as soon as possible and request the reversal.

Bounced debit orders

If the client has selected the debit order option as preferred payment method but the debit order is rejected by the bank for any reason (due to insufficient funds for example) on more than one occasion, PPO will add an administration fee to the client's next invoice. PPO is charged for bounced / rejected debit orders and the administration fee will aid in covering the additional bank fees incurred. The administration fee will be R 500 per debit order that has bounced.

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