Where can I see the product development roadmap for PPO?

We do not publicly release a PPO product roadmap because we are not convinced that the benefits would outweigh the risks associated with doing so.

Promising particular features within particular time-frames creates an expectation which detracts from the development team’s flexibility in prioritising enhancements and new features. It inevitably results in specific features that may only be required by a small number of customers or potential customers.

There are a number of reasons why various stakeholders would want to see a product roadmap:

1. Reason: Other software development teams that build products that are dependent on PPO require a product roadmap so that they can co-ordinate their efforts and ensure compatibility.

Comment: Although PPO is potentially impacted by changes to a number of software products, e.g. new internet browser versions, the converse is not applicable (no other products are dependent on PPO). It is the responsibility of the PPO development team to ensure that PPO will continue to work with new browser versions that come out (as well as any other software on which PPO depends). This is therefore not something that users of the software need to be concerned about – we will always ensure compatibility with the latest software before it goes into general release.   

2. Reason: Potential customers can see whether a particular feature, which is critical for them, will be included in a future release (and when).

Comment: If a particular feature is so important to a particular potential customer that it would make or break whether they continue with the purchase, it is unlikely that they will choose PPO regardless of whether the feature is on the product roadmap. Even if they did, it would create potential legal liabilities if the feature was not included as promised. In this case we would rather walk away from the sale.  

3. Reason: Existing customers are curious as to whether a particular enhancement request that they have will be included in an upcoming release.

Although this is a legitimate argument we believe that a better way to achieve this is to make public current enhancement requests and to allow users to vote on the prioritisation of these enhancements.

Nevertheless, we have endeavored to show whether we plan to include some enhancement requests logged by users by updating the PPO support portal enhancements with the "Planned" tag. This should merely be used as a provisional planning which is subject to change.

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