How can I extract my data and documents prior to terminating my instance?

Each instance of PPO contains two types of information that you may want to retain before terminating your instance. The first type is your entity data (projects, issues, tasks, document meta-data, etc.) and the second is your documents (the physical files).

Extracting entity data

The entity data on the instance can be extracted by downloading a Detail Report for each entity in PPO. Note that it's the responsibility of the client to extract their data prior to the termination date.

Simply click on the Reports menu item, and then select the specific entity, in this example the Issues entity. Select the Issue Detail Report and save the report. Remember to disable the global filter on the project entity as well as the Issue entity, to ensure you extract information for all inactive projects and inactive issues as well.


The detail reports contain all the latest information that was captured on the entity. It is important to note that the extracted data does not include history records (i.e. previous changes). If you require the change history of items or have specific requirements to export the data to another system, you can contact the PPO Support Team. Please note that these services will be charged for on an hourly rate.

Repeat the above steps for each entity, until all the information has been extracted and saved in the form of a detail report.

Extracting physical documents

The physical documents on your instance can be downloaded either by yourself or you can request the PPO Support Team to do it for you.

OPTION 1: Download the documents yourself

If you have a relatively small number of documents or only want to retain certain documents you can just download the files yourself. The physical documents can be downloaded by going to the Document List page and clicking on each document in turn. You can then either click on the “Download Latest Version” button or use the “Mail Document to Me” functionality.  There is also an option to Download multiple documents. For more information on documents, access the following knowledge base article.

OPTION 2: Extraction of the physical documents by the PPO Support Team

The PPO Support team can assist with a document back-up upon termination.  Document back-ups will be made available for safe download via e-mail.  A fixed fee, available on the Pricing page on the PPO website, is charged for this service.  For more information on terminating your instance, please refer to the following knowledge base article.

If you did not request a document back-up during your termination process, you can send an e-mail to the PPO Support Team at requesting the back-up, prior to your termination date. 

Note that once your instance has expired, the instance will be scheduled for termination and all data will be permanently deleted.

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