How can I filter the Parent Project List to only reflect parent projects?

When projects are added on PPO, they can either stand alone or be linked to a parent project. The parent project field is a project list, that shows all the projects that are currently visible on the project list.

If you want to link a project to a parent project, you would simply access the specific project from the project list, update the project and then select the parent project from the parent project list.


By default, the full project list is shown when selecting the parent project field, as this field is linked to a project list type field. If you only want to see the parent projects listed, when selecting the parent project field, you need to follow the steps below, to set it up on your own PPO instance.

Step 1: Add a new Yes/No field for the parent project

Access the Administration module, and click on the Data Fields icon. Select the Project entity from the entity drop-down list and click on any of the "Unused Fields". Enter the caption, description and select the Project Classification category. Select the Yes/No field type and ensure the field is put in use.


Once all the above information has been captured click on the Submit Field icon.

When adding new projects or updating existing projects, the Yes / No field is now visible. If a parent project is added, ensure the "Is Parent ?" checkbox is checked and then Submit the project. If you wish to link the parent project to itself, you will need to edit the project, after it has been added, and then ensure that the " Is Parent ? " checkbox is selected. After submitting you will then notice the "Yes" if the parent project is linked to itself, and "No" if it's not a parent project.


Step 2: Create Shared Filter

After the Yes / No fields have been implemented the next step would be to implement a shared filter.

To set up the shared filter access the Administration menu item and then click on the Filters icon. Select the Project Filter item and click on the Add filter icon.


Enter the Filter name and then select the following: Is Parent ? data field equals TRUE (as per the above screenshot). Then click on the Submit Filter Item icon and then click on the Submit Filter icon.

You will now be re-directed back to the Filters >> Edit page. Ensure you deselect the filter and apply the current global filter again.

For more information on setting up other shared filters, access the following knowledge base article.

Step 3: Apply to Data field

The next step after implementing the data field and setting up the shared filter is to now apply this filter to parent project data field. To do this click on the Administration menu item and then click on the Data fields icon. Access the Projects entity from the entity drop-down list and click on the Parent Project data field. 


From the Filter setting, select the newly created shared filter and then click on the Submit field icon.

Step 4: Test the implementation

After you have followed all the above steps, access your specific project and test whether only parent projects are shown when selecting the parent project field. This can be done by clicking on the Projects menu item and then selecting any project off the project list. Once the project view page opens, find the parent project field and click on the parent project drop-down list to test whether only parent projects and NOT all projects are listed.



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