Does PPO allow for Dependencies to be logged and how?

PPO provides functionality to show dependencies which impact a project.  These dependencies can be anything from the completion of other projects, events that must be completed before another can start, etc.

How do I go about setting this up?

Dependencies can be implemented in PPO by using a separate custom entity and configuring the entity to show a list of criteria required. To set up this entity go to Administration >> Data Fields and select one of the unused custom entities. Rename the entity to "Dependencies".


For more information regarding custom entities and setting them up, herewith the link:

An example of the fields which could be relevant to setting up the Dependency entity:


After the dependencies entity has been set up on your instance you will notice an added Dependencies section on your Project View page, as well as an additional link on the Quick Page Locator.


The Dependency >> List Page shows the Project and the list of Dependencies.  On this page you have the ability to Add, Edit, Delete or Move Dependencies.  The project itself can also be accessed from this view page by selecting the View Project Icon:


New dependencies can be added by clicking the Add Dependency icon:


Once all information is populated, the dependency will then be added by selecting the Submit Dependency icon. This will then be added to the list page:


Dependency Report:

This report shows important information captured on the Dependency entity, such as the title, description, affected milestones, etc.  Once your dependency entity has been configured you can log a support call and request that this report be added:


Dependency Detail Report:

This Report is an extract form the Dependency entity which shows all the dependency information which has been captured:




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